Neillology on Air: Is Atheism Reasonable? [Debate]

Over the past several months I have had the privilege of participating in a number of interviews, discussions and debates.  I will share these from time to time along with a few reflections on those interactions. 

In the below discussion, I join the Theology on Air podcast to debate my friend Brian Woods on the logical coherence (or lack thereof) of Atheism.

Though most of us uncritically accept that Atheism is compatible with (and even supported by) science, I make the case that that Atheism has several logical consequences that make it difficult to do science at all… Enjoy!

What do you think? Given Atheism, can we trust our own beliefs? Are rationality, morality, etc, better explained by theism? Was Brian trying to show me up with the sport coat? What is Evan really listening to in those ear buds?

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Note: As always, I use a capital “A” in Atheism to describe someone who has the positive belief that “no god exists”. This is a distinction that I reject in principle for reasons discussed in this podcast, but I endulge it for the sake of moving the conversation forward.

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