Neillology on Air: God & Evolution

Over the past several months I have had the privilege of participating in a number of interviews, discussions and debates.  I will share these from time to time along with a few reflections on those interactions. 

In the below discussion, I join the Theology on Air podcast to talk about evolution and its compatibility (or lack thereof) with theism and atheism.   

Evolution is frequently offered as evidence for the alleged conflict between science and God, but I believe that macro-evolution, if true, is actually better explained by theism.  Moreover, I argue that the Darwinian notion of evolution may be self contradictory.

Meanwhile, Oscar shares a more theological critique of evolution and Evan tries to keep the whole thing under 3 hours… Enjoy!

[If you can’t tell who’s who, I am the one who says true things and rules the multiverse]

What do you think?  Is evolution a problem for theism? Let me know in the comments and click subscribe if you want to see new posts as soon as they’re published!

Note: I am contending here with the version of macroevolution commonly advanced by atheist populizers (sometimes known as Darwinism) that is necessarily unguided and materialist in nature.

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One response to “Neillology on Air: God & Evolution”

  1. ”If you have the proper understanding of God”?

    Don’t you consider this is somewhat of an arrogant statement for any believer to make?
    Even if, for the sake of discussion, we allow for the existence of your (Christian) god, on what grounds are you able to assert you have any understanding at all let alone a ”proper understanding”?


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