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We are the Neills, and we are studying God’s words, nature, and truths as we seek to know him more.

So.. what is Search all about?

For almost 40 years, Search has been reaching unchurched people, inviting their questions, exploring answers together, and building meaningful relationships.

Search is dedicated to creating a comfortable space for conversations about spiritual matters. We believe that honest questions deserve honest answers – even if that answer is “I don’t know!” 

We believe in people over programs and relationship over religion. We believe that followers of Jesus should love the lost… And each other! We believe in inviting every adult in every city to take their next step toward God!

How did we end up with Search?

In 2021 Taylor followed a calling to leave his conventional successful career, abandon reason, and faithfully and bravely move into ministry (Proud wife moment). This call had been ringing for years with, “I can’t” and “maybe in five years” and “once we save up the right amount of money”. In the years of hearing this calling it was treated with leading church groups, and tithing and even eventually making a trust fall into an Apologetics degree, all while maintaining the things of this world we thought our well being relied on: a corporate life and a high mortgage, in the right school district, with all of the baggage required.

But, God wasn’t done. It turns out, God is never done.

When we finally hit the point where we realized we couldn’t both satisfy the things of this world that we thought we needed and the calling in this life that God was giving us; we made a dramatic change.

We downsized our house. We traded down our cars. We said goodbye to the things we knew and moved to a new town with land and lower taxes. Taylor began his master’s program, and we trusted that if we prepared financially and mentally for a life in ministry that the lord would lead us there. And he did.

In fact there were quite a few opportunities presented to us, but we waited for the one that we felt God had prepared for us. And that is where Search came into our lives.

If you are feeling called to financially support you can donate HERE.

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